Woodworking with a Mission

Our aim is to serve you, then give back to others.

Our Beliefs

Fostered Woodworks was established in 2020 as a way to use Thomas’ passion for woodworking to support children in foster care. We have been foster parents for almost 3 years. While fostering, we have come to realize that while we can impact the lives of a few children by welcoming them into our home, there are over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States that need more support. We were searching for a way to make more of an impact when, through prayer, we were led to start a side business, Fostered Woodworks, and to donate 10% of all sales to foster care organizations. Our prayer is that God will use us directly to change the lives of every child that comes through our home while also using this business to impact the lives of other children in care. Thank you for your support.

What We Do

Heirloom Furniture

Cutting Boards

Custom Home Decor

Why Choose Fostered Woodworks?

We care about you, our customer! Our goal is that you receive a product you love and are excited to show off.

With the high quality materials we use, combined with your teamwork in the design process, your custom experience will be a success.


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